Customer #1 “With Thrive I learned quickly there are customers you don't want because they're not profitable at the end of the day.”

Ted Williams

House to Home Home Decor

"Thrive made me ask, 'What is House to Home?' What is it about? It was obvious to me, being the owner, but how to communicate that? We came up with 'House to Home: Fine Home Fashion.' That's it! From there we could build on the full experience.

"Rather than just looking at total customers, we looked at also increasing the average transaction value and increasing the frequency our customers came back. Now, we're really trying to develop a relationship versus just selling them stuff."

Customer #3 "We were spending a lot of money on ads but we had no appreciation of what it was doing for us."

Justin Daniels

Our Pleasure Sexual Health

"Thrive helped us understand how much we should spend on advertising, and how to spend it in small increments, which is how we really worked with a tight budget. Thrive tells us how to spend the money we have, small as it might be, and get the biggest bang for our buck."

"We've gained a huge customer following and we get phenomenal feedback about our great customer service. Thrive was all part of that. It's not just about marketing externally, it's internally as well. It's how we interact with and how we educate our customers."

Customer #2 "It's amazing how much information you have within your own business, but what was that information telling me?"

Carol-Ann Garland

Frenchy's Apparel

"Thrive helps me understand the quality of my stock. We use Thrive to track conversion rate, and when we see that it's going down we start to wonder, 'Do we have the right product?' We then do a complete review of stock, identify the issues, resolve them, and what happens? Conversion rate goes up. That's really rewarding to see as a business person and for your staff. You can say to your staff, 'I know it was hard work but look what it did,' and show them the results."